Monday, July 2, 2007


Let me in I beg,
Open the door.
Too long I have stood
Outside in the cold.

Slowly I am freezing,
And my heart has lost all feeling’
For the man whose children I have borne,
For the man with whom I share a home.

But your blank look is all I see.
Your mind is closed and locked to me.
Trapped within your lonely walls.
Unable it seems to answer my calls.

So we wait,
We two,
Together but apart,
As love turns to hate.
And petrifies my heart.


Dan said...

Cathy, this is a beautiful heartfelt poem. So sad and haunting.

Magatha said...

What a gorgeous photo of petrified wood and the beautiful blue sky. Where is it? In Arizona, or elsewhere?

The poem paint a perfect picture of that 'separation' mode.

cathy said...

dan, and unfortunately all too common.

magatha,yes it is from the petrified forest national parkand you are right if communication breaks down so does everything else.

Pauline said...

How truly saddening I feel for her

captain corky said...

That's really a sad poem...

puerileuwaite said...

Fear not, my child,
For my love HAS opened the door.
Just like in that Pete Townsend tune,
From a CD that I took from the store.

And not to worry, my child,
'Tis a door that is open for good.
For you see - not all is petrified,
Well for instance - morning wood.


Michael said...

Happy happy joy joy!

Sugar Smacks said...

Hi Cathy, I see you're still writing awesome poetry! I have some reading to catch up on around here...

lime said...

how many of us know this all too well?

Travis said...

This is really excellent. Sad, certainly, and cautionary.

Miss Understood said...

Excellent poem, and yes...very sad. I know exactly how she feels. x

Top cat said...

I agree with dan, sad and haunting.

Blancodeviosa said...

Did my dogs call you again?

Blancodeviosa said...

Just kidding! I love your poems!!!!

Getty72 said...

Cathy, thanks...I read your poem and was deeply moved. You have such a special way with words. I truly look forward to reading more. Kindest regards, Graham

cathy said...

pauline, she is part of every married woman I know.

captain corky, it is about a sad situation.

puerileuwaite, apparently dousing morning wood with cold water inproves the grain, I thought it was a euphemism until I googled it.

michael, glad I cheered you up with this little ditty.

sugar smacks, I am also in reality flux so we can both visit each other sporadically and play catch up along the way:)

lime, we have such a wealth of shared experiences!

travis, I'm sure that you are in no danger, you dote on your ladylove:)

miss understood, ah yes! You do.

top cat, everybody always agrees withdan, he is very agreeable.

blanco, I love yours too:)

EBEZP said...

Oh Cathy! That's so sad. Lovely poem!

Tina said...

Cathy, this is very touching....another masterpiece to add to your collection...Tina xoxo

Zhu said...

This is beautiful ! Wow, you're quite an artist... I admire people who write poetry since I like to read it but am unable to write it. Anyway, the poem and the picture fitted perfectly.

puerileuwaite said...

Darn! I just found out that "Googled" is not a euphemism.

MONA said...

how true...

I can empathise.

RAFFI said...

if you love someone, set them free (-sting). not condoning seperations or divorce here, but sometimes it's the only option. however, communication breakdown as the result of a hopeless and hapless relationship is the proverbial final nail in the coffin, as without communication (not only verbal), all love and understanding is unable to be conveyed.

cathy said...

getty72, Thankyou I still can't work out how you came and commented here after I thought about commenting on your blog but before I actually did so.

ebezp, life isn't all cucumber:)

tina, thanks, I am looking forward to you adding something to yours:)

zhu, thanks I will be visiting you again sometime soon:)

puerileuwaite, That's it! no more googling for me then.

mona, unfortunately so can many others.

raffi, Thankyou for your kind and understanding words.

Lizza said...

It's tragic when love dies between two people even after all the things they've shared. It was good to read your poem, thanks for sharing it.

eric313 said...

Wow, Cathy. You are a good poet, too. Thanks for the visit. I'm glad you liked it. I'm a poet through and through. One day, I'll set up a blog for my short stories, but right now, I'm really taken with poetry.

Keep writing like this!
take care