Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I need to relax and spend more time with my kids, or maybe not.

I was calmly attending to my ablutions when the door flew open and banged against the bathroom wall.

My youngest daughter rushed in and threw a heap of soil into the hand basin. Needless to say I was quite surprised and not a little annoyed and I can’t say that the situation improved when she turned on the tap and started washing soil away from four very long wiggly worms.

Blithely ignoring my shouts of indignation and threats of retribution she calmly explained that her various creatures’ diets, of shop bought pet foods needed to be supplemented occasionally; and taking a Lumbricus Terrestris in hand she swept out of the room 
leaving three more swimming around, I swear they were laughing at me!

They wouldn’t be laughing long though.

The mini zoologist’s voice floated in from her room,” My aquatic frog swallowed that one whole” she reported gleefully. Returning momentarily she grabbed two more of the ill fated creatures and disappeared. Apparently terrapins are equally greedy for this delicacy, whole worms.

which is a mercy when you consider that the final worm was chopped into bits,so that it wouldn’t choke the fighting fish. 


A day or two passed and I forgot the horror. 

So you can imagine how I felt when a relaxing coffee in the garden was interrupted by gleeful shouts of “27 snails! Get me a bucket”…  

… Yes, quite. Get me one too please.