Monday, June 18, 2007


Who is he?
This tall interloper,
This lanky streak of piss,
Who does he think we are?
Does he think we’re his?

He really ought to leave now.
I’m sure father’s coming back.
There isn’t room for all of us.
Surely he can see that.

What is mother doing?
With flowers in her hair.
Greeting wedding guests,
Like she doesn’t have a care.

Can’t she see it’s wrong
To bring this stranger here.
This taker of lost families,
Who keeps calling her his dear….

”If anyone here present knows of just cause
why these two may not be joined in holy matrimony,
speak now or forever hold thy peace”


Michael said...


~strikes 'lanky streak of piss' from list of funny phrases to use on blog~

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh, how heartbreakingly true, isn't it? No man can ever replace your father, no matter how hard he may try! Lovely writing.

Pauline said...

I'd better not get started on this subject, nice description though.

lime said...

oh just dredged up a flood of memories...

val said...

That's a very moving poem. Luckily it's not something I had to go through.

Dan said...

I never had step parents ... this gives me a heartfelt glimpse of what a kid must be feeling in such a situation.

Excellent Cathy.

Serena Joy said...


Travis said...

I was fortunate that the replacement was better than the original.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I like that! I like it a lot!

puerileuwaite said...

Plus, he borrowed my stepladder and never returned it.

Miss Understood said...

Mine is wonderful, so I guess I'm lucky.

Blancodeviosa said...


spoon said...

Also cannot relate really, but a good poem.

Top cat said...

Wow, that's rough. My kids were lucky when I got remarried they were tiny folk and soon accepted her as second mom.

Queenie said...

OMG! for Cathy that was my life, except lanky streak of piss. For me big, fat, arrogant pig fit best.

He would let me go to the marrage either, he said I would show off, AS IF!!!
Brillant Cathy.

julie said...

Wow....very insightful. I sure hope my children don't feel this way.

EBEZP said...

Lanky streak of piss is so English Cathy!
Good post, funny relationship step dad isn't it?

Top cat said...

taking a break are we? well sometimes that helps.
I hope your MIL is doing OK.

cathy said...

michael,you want to make use of some of those phrases before I use them all up.

sw scream,kids see things from a strange perspective it looks different now.

pauline, raspberry jam.

lime,it is not an uncommon situation, have a girly hug:)

val, glad to hear it.

dan, even the best divorces are bad, good job I have strong teeth.

serena joy, thanks.

travis, that is one way of looking at it.

ss nick, you are very kind.

puerileuwaite, I hate it when people don't return stuff they have borrowed.

miss understood, I was writing from the perspective of a child. It isn't easy to step into an estranged parent's shoes.

blanco,your poetry is pretty good too.

spoon, sometimes it is better not to be able to relate to my poetry.

TC, you are lucky that you managed to rebuild your family:)

queenie, the big fat arrogant pig!

cathy said...

julie, so do I.

ebezp,I love using those expressions, it takes me back...

TC, back but not for long. see you at yours:)

Azzitizz said...

I do see from the childs point of view in the poem and it is so touching, it must be so difficult for the children. Unfortunately my own personal experience of being a Stepmum, well, read on.......

Cathy, if you do not wish to publish this, that's O.K.

A Stepmothers life aint all that great,
you try to give love, in return receive hate.
They weren't even married, so I didn't cause a split,
They'd been apart for years but I still received shit!
I got shit off the kids, I got shit of the Mother,
But worst of all, I got shit off her Brother.
He stalked me for months, he'd hammer on my door,
I took to sit sobbing on the bedroom floor!
To see the full story, go visit my site,
Being a Stepmother can be totally SHITE!!!!

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