Sunday, April 20, 2008


Lengthening shadows creep across the walls.
Eyelids close as the dream world calls.

A gentle caress, a warm embrace,
A welcoming smile on her lover’s face

Affection found in the touch of twilight,
Longing for the kiss of gentle midnight.



She wears a sad smile as she cooks and cleans.
Caressed by the whisper of half forgotten dreams.

The siren call of the unloved wife,
“There must be more than this to life!”

Caring for her children as each day passes by,
Just another mother dying in a lie.



Akelamalu said...

That's so sad! :(

puerileuwaite said...

The key is to introduce the kids to the fabulous world of soccer, and then purchase an SUV to transport them to games.

val said...

No, reamining childfree is the key. Best thing I ever did.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Impressive, Cathy! And doubtless most realistic.

Travis said...

Melancholy and sad.

Jocelyn said...

This is a tragically historical story--it could have been written by women through the centuries.

Feminism has failed us on some pretty important fronts, eh?

lime said... many of us are there?

Bond said...

You brought me to a place so sad and unsatisfying.

I can only hope this is not an actual representation for you.

cathy said...

akela, damn right it is !

pug, they are both girls and I can't drive, bad eyesight.

val, Too late, and whatever else you regret you can't regret your kids once you've got them :)
come on though tell me what film the pic is from.I doctored a film still for my shadow man:)

ssnick, most realistic for far too many women and that means the men are losing too.

travis, I told you so :)

jocelyn, yes.

lime, too bloody many!

bond :( sorry.

Pauline said...

Remaining husband free is the trick. By all means love em but for G's sake leave em to do their own laundry, dishes and general dogsbodying!

Miss Understood said...

This was so sad.

As much as I've been criticized for not providing a stable upbringing for my son (read stable as having one father figure in his life), I can never be criticized for teaching him to follow his heart, and that he doesn't have to conform to what society (or anyone else) expects of him...especially if doing makes him so painfully unhappy.

Bond said...

No need to be sorry... it only meant your words were so perfect, I was transported to where they took me...

Hammer said...

Yikes that is melancholy stuff.

Hope you are ok.

Mona said...

This is poignant!

flutter said...

This is really beautiful, although it makes my heart skip for you

cathy said...

pauline, too late.

miss understood, damn you. like I don't have enough to worry about already!

bond, thankyou.

hammer, It's my outlet but far too many women feel the same.

mona, It's about time you gave us some poetry. Yours is pretty strong stuff too.

flutter, thankyou and I'm not the only woman drowning in mediocraty.

BBC said...

That was was interesting. Life is to busy and complex anymore.

And it's raining again here today so I can't work outside much, and no one to spend it with.

Maybe I'll go for a walk to the beach. Have a great day.

Oh, Val is right, I could have done without children, especially considering what society has done to them.

Ali said...

I wonder how many women could call that their very own story?

BBC said...

You got beer? Come on over. Na, better not, it gets my tail wagging and I like to hug things. LOL

Well, I like to hug things anyway.

cathy said...

bbc, I'm sorry to hear you aren't happy about how things are going for your children.

You be careful what you hug if you are in bear country. Beer and bears don't mix.LOL.

ali, TOO MANY... and some men too.

Diohandi xxx said...

Hey Cathy, hang on in there only if you want to. You ultimately make your own decisions, and as they say in Greek 'The way you lay your bed is the way that you will lie in it!'... I am going to be offline for a while but will catch up once I get a new job with a new laptop!
Love you, S xxx

BBC said...


Snoopy broad... LOL

I hadn't even announced the new blog yet.

It didn't rain yesterday, Yea!

Have a great day hon. Hugs.

Sandy said...

The melancholy that you have expressed is beautiful

Sandy said...

Thanks for dropping by maria. Your poemetic reply on my blog was out of words. I m really honored. i hv added your blog in my blog roll. wish i could see your other blog "Stone cold" but hvnt got permission.

cathy said...

diohandi, Good luck with the jobhunting.

bbc, It's warm and sunny here:)

Sandy, Thankyou. My name's Cathy.

BBC said...


In Ink said...

This week I have been mostly wearing underpants.

Sandy said...

Sory cathy. But as its said whats there in name. Actually i was going through your other blog named Maria's Meanderings so i took for that name. btw do you mind if i call you maria