Sunday, April 13, 2008

Message in a Bottle Meme

Mimi of Peaceglobe fame has tagged me for her message in a bottle meme. So here is my message which I would also like to put on almost everything that we so wantonly waste. In fact I would prefer to go further.
We need to regress for progress. If you don't understand what I mean just think back to your grannies cupboards and drawers with their bits and bobs of saved string and brown paper, Jam jar vases painted on rainy afternoons and groceries wrapped in paper rather than prepackaged in plastic. Recycling isn't enough, we have to stop using the world's resources in such a selfish, shortsighted and irresponsible manner.

(Don't worry I'll soon be back to my usual style of irregularly posted miserable poetry.)

Right before I go, If you are on my blogroll or have commented on one of my last five posts then you are tagged.

Go HERE for the rules/instructions, I don't do rules but you will need the instructions on this one.


lime said...

good message.

Travis Cody said...

Excellent message.

And your poetry is not miserable.

Unknown said...

Regression? Of course. I believe I'd be most comfortable in the 18th Century.

BBC said...

I don't do rules either.

The world isn't going to change, it's too greedy and there are too many monkeys on it.

I'm just hopeful that my last days are spent in peace because I see wars everywhere in the not so far future.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Most excellent message...all those empty bottles floating in the ocean...they will cause so many problems..I wonder if Mimi thought of that when she began this meme...OH MIMI!!!!!

Akelamalu said...

That's a great message - I've been worried about all these bottles floating about the ocean (including mine)! ;)

val said...

I don't even use the reusable "bags for life" any more - the ones you take back to the shop when they wear out and get given a new one - 'cos they still have to be made, using resources and energy, and recycled ditto.I'm into cloth bags now. And my shopping trolley...

But I agree about the emphasis. If there were not so much packaging in the first place, we wouldn't have to recycle it.

When I was a kid, I used to love taking back empty bottles to get the money back. Now I can't even get my milk delivered because it would come too late for me to take it in, and would be off by the time I refrigerated it.

val said...

BTW, I'd love to take part, but have NO idea how to put words into the bottle.

cathy said...

lime, I'm getting manic about this stuff!

travis, you haven't seen the poem I wrote before getting this tag, LOL.

ssnick, I would just people like to think before discarding good habits for mod cons.

bbc, shucks you always cheer me up!
I have to try for change, I was stupid enough to have kids and I'm fighting for their future.

bond, If only there was less virtual rubbish and less of the real stuff.

akelamalu, I'll pop over to see yours soon:)

cloth bags are "the business".
and the mindless amount of packaging is ridiculous!

I used my paddington stare method to do this, If you want to mail me your message and I'll see if I can remember how I did it :)

DrillerAA said...

Great message in a world that could use a little recycling.
Thanks for stopping by BrainFreeze, even if you did scroll a bit past the annivesary post. Come back anytime.

none said...

I guess putting another note inside would be like recycling :)

Elaine Denning said...

The speed at which I fill up a bin liner is horrifying. I keep seeing messages on packages which say "Sorry...not recyclable yet." It's crazy.

Jocelyn said...

I'm on my soapbox (internally, at least) about this issue lately, too. I'm examining food, especially, and really looking at how food that has its goodness processed out of it then has it added back in, for purposes of great slogans on the packaging.

How dumn we all are.

BBC said...

I'm taking a load to the landfill tomorrow. But it's pure garbage, except for the metal, it goes in a pile to be recycled.

Speaking of poems, I'm going to post one soon. What some may consider 'randy' *giggles*

BBC said...

Oh, one of the best ways to help the planet and the children's future is to buy and consume less, but Americans in general are not good at that. They have a needy gene it seems.

cathy said...

drilleraa, I'm a bugger for scrolling down too far, LOL.

hammer, nice to see you back, go for it.

miss understood, read the package before you buy the product. If people stop buying it they will change the packaging.

jocelyn, you can't beat fresh produce, It is mind boggling what they do with the simplest foodstuffs.

bbc, in greece we have recycling bins next to the regular garbage bins and some folks are still too lazy and ignorant to use them.

It's not randy it's erotic LOL.

I think the cancer of consumerism is a global phenomenon.

puerileuwaite said...

No thanks. The last time I did this meme, I had a hundred billion bottles washed up on my shore.

Anonymous said...

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