Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Poems and Replies

My friend Ann has moved her blog, “At Home With Ann” to wordpress so I popped over there to have a look and found a bunch of poems that could have been ripped from the bleeding entrails of my soul.

If you can tear yourself away from the “penis peppers” and scroll down a bit you will find:-

Who knows


Love or Lust

Moral Dilemma

After reading them I was prompted to leave the following poem as a comment.
Thank you Ann for being not only a friend but also a kindred spirit and an inspiration.

Tangled Imobility

Is it naive then to seek out the bright spots of colour?
Among the tangled bracken of past mistakes.
If I spot a wild and beautiful flower,
Should I pluck it from the ground?
Inhale its sweet aroma?
Hold it close to my heart?

Will it too wither like other blossoms of my memory?
To become another corpse in my compost of regrets.
If I pass on and leave it unexplored,
Will it not still become an error to abhor?
My heart reaches out; my mind stays the hand,
Frozen by inaction,
I become joy's executioner.

by Cathy


ann said...

it was beautiful as a comment
but posted here adds a whole
new light and dimension and a
meaning I am only too aware of
and too afraid to follow

thank you for the link

Cathy, all these poems were
posted on my London~Love~Verse
blog... I have imported them
to wordpress and am in the
process of categorising them.
They will be classed as they
were in my old blogs; my stuff,
poetry and vincent-verse.

It's taking time, so I'm pacing

take care sweetheart

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Matt-Man said...

Pluck the flower. Smell it, enjoy it. Beauty unappreciated is beauty lost. Just dont pick too many. Cheers Cathy!!

Travis said...

Ditto what Matt said.

Your words are always wonderful, even when inspired by pain.

Peace to you.

lime said...

it is a conundrum indeed. what to do...what to do...

MyUtopia said...

That was really cool!

val said...


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Cathy, I clicked my way over to Ann’s blog and found it to be enchanting. Thanks for the link.

“Tangled Imobility” is mesmerizing. I became entranced in my own memories until found myself again listening to a wise Zen master I knew 35 or so years ago. Thank you for enabling me to take that path.

Queenie said...

I've followed Ann for a while and her words inspire me, as do yours.

Jocelyn said...

The last two lines are so good--that living on a line where nothing is clear, where the good and the bad are flip sides of the same coin.

Anonymous said...

"To become another corpse in my compost of regrets"

Pauline said...

Strong stuff sis, beautifully written.

puerileuwaite said...

Wow. I really like your poem. It's WAY better than a whole peck of "penis peppers"!

cathy said...

ann.pacing is the only way to go. LOL.

matt- man, thanks a bunch bud.

travis,you are too kind :)

lime, and I have trouble choosing an icecream flavour!

myutopia glad you liked it.

val, you talk too much, LOL!

ss nick, enchanting is an excellent way to describe the lovely ann.

queenie, girls are so GOOD! lol.

jocelyn, TELL ME ABOUT IT!

TC, I was worried that that line was too twee, glad you liked it.

puerileuwaite,thanks, I think.

cathy said...

I can't believe nobody mentioned the dandelion clock!