Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Life without Bitch

Why is it that I can’t find a women’s magazine that is of any interest to me?

There are mags for teens and twenty somethings. Anyone obsessed by clothes and makeup can easily find something to satisfy and there are plenty of publications catering to career women. Then at the other end of the spectrum women of my mother's ilk can find gossip and knitting patterns aplenty with a sprinkling of crosswords and su-do-ku to exercise those grey cells.
But what about me? I can’t be that unusual, can I?

What do I want at 43 with 2 kids 1 husband
and an aching need to stretch myself beyond doing a job
that supplements the family income without interfering with
running the household and organizing everyone else’s
extra curricular activities, to ensure their lives are as fulfilling as possible.

I want pithy and/or amusing articles about this, that and the other. Stuff to make me ponder something more significant than what brand of washing powder to use. I want information about fashion, makeup, music, cinema and current events which is condensed sufficiently to be digested efficiently in the little free time I have for such fripperies. There again a good makeover, house or housewife, is always welcome.

Part of the problem is that you can’t always tell what you are going to find between the covers Of your glossy. On one memorable occasion I recall having bought a magazine which was a popular house and home type publication. I was setting up on my own and thought it may contain some useful and relevant information.

Imagine my surprise therefore to be confronted with an article
entitled, ”Twenty steps to giving your man a great blow job.”
All very useful if you are inexperienced in such matters but
whatever happened to, “Winning ways with chicken.”

Forgive me if I’m wrong but there must be more ways of
cooking a chicken than there are of sucking and licking.
Ruling out of course any handy hints that might apply to both activities.
Honey glazing for instance is a very versatile concept!

The only magazine that I have ever read from cover to cover and enjoyed every word of is BITCH. This is going back over twenty years and unfortunately Bitch didn’t last long due to lack of advertising revenue. How I miss it and when will we ever see its like again?

NB. After writing this post I googled "Bitch Magazine"
just out of curiosity. I discovered an American publication
which appears to be similar to my sadly defunct English favourite.
Needless to say I will be taking a closer look. see links.


Claire said...

Have you tried Oprah magazine? It is more relevent to us 40+ types.

cathy said...

I've never seen Oprah magazine in Greece but I will keep it in mind.