Monday, September 17, 2007


The corpse lies here in the silent house, reproaching me with its presence. The exact time of its demise so hard to pinpoint. Its death throes seemed to last forever. “I died from neglect.” It accuses me wordlessly. And though I know that I was not the only one to blame I can’t help wondering if I could have done more to prevent the final, irrevocable outcome.
NO! I did my best! I nursed the ailing patient until my bones ached and my heart grew weary from the effort, performing the kiss of life, as best I could, on numerous occasions; fighting to breathe animation into the doomed and dying creature.; refusing to recognize that its feeble movements and lackluster response mocked the futility of my efforts.
It has been here now for much too long. A pale accusation, pointing judgemental fingers at my beleagured soul. The albatross of my marriage bears me to the ground. Its deadweight threatening to crush my soul.
I am imprisoned by the bars of my wedding vows but just lately the stench of decay, filling my nostrils and stinging my eyes with tears of remorse, has become unbearable.
The burial is long overdue.
Time to call in the undertakers.


Blancodeviosa said... blow me away everytime!

MyUtopia said...

Isn't the dead zone a book?

Pauline said...

I have high voltage cables if you'd like to try jump starting it?

val said...

Your posts always cheer me up - I read them and realise my life isn't so bad after all!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Yep, the time inevitably comes to call in the undertakers: death is simply a stage of life.

Hammer said...


Hope everything works out for the best!

Travis said...

"A pale accusation, pointing judgemental fingers at my beleagured soul."


Miss Understood said...

Fantastic writing Cathy. I loved it.

I'm so glad the person you wrote about realised that even a prison cell has a keyhole. x

EBEZP said...

That is fantastic Cathy as usual!
I loved the time in your adopted city by the way and it was a shame not to have been able to meet, another time maybe.

Anonymous said...

What terrible heartache.
I've been down that road and it's awful, my heart goes out to you cathy.

Michael said...

There's not much that I can write here that I haven't already said to you except great writing again.

Baba Doodlius said...

You're not very happy, are you.

Hey, I just took the "Dante's Inferno" test (decent book, by the way). I got Level 6. Not too shabby, eh? what level did you get?

cathy said...


myutopia, now it's a post as well.

pauline, I jump started myself during the summer.

val,so glad I could be of service:)

ssnick, paradise may well be the next step.

hammer, things will work out one way or another.

travis, Thankyou, I knew you would appreciate it:)

miss understood, and they can watch the flight of birds too.

ebezp, I'm glad you put your visit to some use.Meeting seems unlikely though in the circucumstances.

TC.thankyou chubby cheeks:)

michael, Thanks. now get away from my PC so I can answer my comments!

baba doodlius, life is a lasangne.

Flash said...