Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun With Food

What’s on the Menu Tonight?

It can be very confusing choosing a meal in a restaurant these days so here are a few tips to help the uninitiated to work out what is, or rather what isn’t, on offer. If you prefer eating at home you might find my previous post on cooking useful.

Cockie-Leekie - is not made from post coital penises

Wontons - are not heavy

Vol.-au-vent – is not an Italian smart car, yet!

It is however the name of a film about a deaf and dumb guy
who lives with a chicken , Go figure!

Soufflé – is not much help if you want to hide your bald patch.

Vinaigrette – Has nothing to do with wishing you hadn’t drunk so much wine.

Mortadella - Only smells like something that died,

Gazpacho - has nothing to do with military police.

Tagliatelle & Fettucine – have nothing to do with kinky sex.

Unless you know differently...?

Cannelloni – is not a solo dance form

Tzatziki – is unpronouncable unless you’ve been practicing from birth.

Anyone looking for useful information can click on the links.

If you would like to add your own helpful hints, you know where to leave your comments.


val said...

Bit of an old and obvious one, but Ratatouille does not have rats in it. (As I typed this the ad for the dvd of the film just came on TV. I have loved that dish for nearly 40 years and I feel bereft that its name has been hijacked!)

Travis said...

Mmmmmm...canneloni. Yum-OH!

I always wanted to order gazpacho in a restaurant, not because I was particularly interested in eating it but rather because it's a cool word.

BBC said...

When I do go out to eat I just stick to simple meals that are not too expensive. But I prefer to fix my meals at home.

The other day I made a pizza, they last for two or three days. I usually make enough of something to last a while and put some servings in the freezer for later.

I bought an extra turkey when they were on sale, I goofed, I should have carved it up into smaller servings before freezing it.

Azzitizz said...


By the way, you have an award on my blog, come get it.


Bond said...

Gnocchi is NOT pronounced G-nochie - The G is silent
it is pronounced En-ukki (the U is soft)

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You’re right, Cathy: I did leave a comment but it isn’t here. So perhaps Blogger did eat it?

I wrote something like, ‘thanks for the definitions; now I can throw away my cooking encyclopedia.’

cathy said...

val, I love Ratatouille! It's ages since I ate any.

travis, The thought of cold soup puts me off.

bbc, I sometimes make chicken broth and eat it for days on end.

azzitiz, ok but you know I don't do rules!

bond, well now I know how to pronounce it I'll have to google to find out what it is.

ssnick, and I thought that when I visit a site and my previous comment isn't there that I had forgotten to hit the post button. Now I know it's greedy blogger gobbling up my comments.

Miss Understood said...

Welsh rarebit always struck me as peculiar.

Akelamalu said...

What would you make of 'Toad in the Hole'?

puerileuwaite said...

Well then I probably should spare you the details on "Rocky Mountain Oysters".

Jimmy said...

I like cock-a-leekie soup, a good Scottish recipe for cold weather!

Hale McKay said...

A nice dictionary of foods. I noticed you didn't try to define kumquat.

Baba Doodlius said...

Oh, I know different. Boy do I know different!

Sugar Smacks said...

Hi Cathy, how are you? Personally, I'm hungry...

BBC said...

It's Wednesday now, I'd better make a cake, Helen loves something sweet everyday.

Queenie said...

Had Monk-fish last night, not a fin or habit in sight!
Great post, you made me smile:)

cathy said...

miss U. It was supposed to be rabbit but they couldn't spell so they had cheese on toast instead.

akelmalu, the way I feel at the moment I'd shoot anyone who tried to stick a sausage in my yorkshire pud!

pug, it's not like you to be sparing with details.

jimmy, your not wrong.

hale mckay, aren't you friuty!

baba doodlius, I'm sure you do ...?

sugar, Hi there, I could kill a few cornflakes myself.

bbc, when I win the lottery I'll hire you as my shef cum mr fixit. LOL.

queenie, I'm glad to hear it.

Bond said...

waves hello

Diesel said...

I understand that hot dogs really are made of dogs, though.

cathy said...

bond, waving back.

diesel, quite possibly.

Everybody, preparing a post, honest!