Friday, February 23, 2007

The Abyss of Despair

I feel a numbing purple fog permeate my heavy heart
Its creeping tendrils fill my mind with melancholy mauve

Dark red irrationality amplifies my fears
Begetting a cacophony
Of harsh discordant tears

And then a scarlet stranglehold grips me around the throat
I choke out an unwilling bark
Depression’s bleak foghorn

The storm breaks
The pain recedes
Leaving its driftwood of broken dreams

I gaze upon this sad debris
And ponder life’s futility


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I know depression too well. That poem is highly expressive and accurate. Thanks.

Chrlane said...

Cheer up! It always passes after a good sleep. :) Thanks again for your comment.

cathy said...

I never sleep for more than 4 hours

Chrlane said...

4 hours, huh? You must be sleepy. I need 8-10 hours most nights. I have always been a big sleeper.