Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Wisdom of the Wizened

Sometimes my grandmother talked “a right load of codswallop”
Or so I used to think, but the older I get the more I hear her platitudes with attitude
echoing through my mind now that her real voice has been silenced forever.
”You’re that Sharp you’ll cut yourself, too clever for your own good”

It occurs to me that if I had to use a higher proportion of my mental powers to grapple with the daily dilemmas presented by the struggle for survival I would have less time for introspection and dissatisfactionm “bein’ maudlin” as my gran would have said.

So maybe “ignorance is bliss” and we would all be better off sitting in the trees exchanging cheesy grins and chattering with the chimpanzees.

Now what would be the modern high tech equivalent of this happy state of affairs…?

OK PEOPLE LET’S BLOG. Anyone want a banana?


Chrlane said...

Hmm. I have often wondered why we ever came down from the trees. I saw this fab film about domesticated birds a while back, and it had in it one who had been traumatized at birth. He was the only one of the lot who would sway back and forth to music, Cathy! The "owner" of these dozens of parrots let them run wild in the trees, but fed them so they came bask each day, and this one bird had been traumatized by poachers as a baby. His nest cut down, and his parents stolen. And it made him dance to music. :) The "dancing" was like the motion they do when their mom feeds them regurgitated seed! It blew my mind.

Thanks for stopping by!!:)

Chrlane said...

Oh- and thanks for the link. (I am flattered.)

Chrlane said...

So what's your point? I am getting the impression you are trying to say something here. LOL!

Seriously. I was born with a banana in each ear, Cathy. It can't be helped. I need some _serious_ guidance. :)

cathy said...

The point is human intelligence is as destructive as it is creative.
Not just what we do to the planet and each other but also to ourselves.

Chrlane said...

I've always felt the forces of creation are creative. The forces of destruction are destructive. They are not exclusive of one another, but perhaps they are not as connected as you are saying here. It's all in the interpretation and application.

When you have too much to lose, I suppose everything becomes a double edged sword. But I am not coming from that place. Not sure I'd ever want to be if it meant I could never recognize a good thing in front of me without killing it first.

cathy said...

from yin and yang
to the charioteer
every culture and school of philosophy recognises the cosmic truth of all things needing their opposite in order to exist. Given that the chaos theory and quantum Physics have their place in this equation our purpose would appear to be maintaining the balance. An internal and personal struggle as well as a universal one.

Chrlane said...

The balance is not always to be attained in the way that logically presents itself. It often unfolds in the unexpected.

We cannot see how it will unfold- only that it's unolding shall arise of a certain trust. We can only see that without this, it is not enabled.

We make this choice, and it can be creative, or destructive, and if the two come in sequence, then in order to secure the source of the former, and enable it, one must first find an alternate source for the latter. It takes practice, but it can be done. It can even be folded in such a way as to propell the creative, if one is so inclined.

But first, the desire must be there to enable. I need an enabler. That is my balance.

cathy said...


Sorry for turning this serious aside into humour but whatever you do never take a job writing instructions for folding parachutes.People would be falling out of the sky like raindrops.