Monday, January 7, 2008

'7 random weird facts meme.




1. There is nothing I don’t know about dog bone and rabbit green soup.

2. I am afraid of water but being of the opinion that we should face our fears I once took a scuba diving course which ended when a concerned tourist tried to rescue me from the swimming pool where I was having a practice session. I was in full diving gear at the time while he was just wearing swimming shorts and a look of heroic determination.

3. I spend most of my time inside my own head even when my body is walking round doing other things.

4. I have narrowly escaped death several times that I know of, on one occasion I gave a bunch of bikers a lecture about judging people by their appearance. They offered me a beer. The following day they were arrested for stabbing someone to death during an argument.

5. I hate being told what to do.

6. some of the tastiest dishes I have ever cooked have been the result of wildly improvising when I did not have the required ingredients for a particular recipe. Needless to say I can never duplicate the results as I later forget what I threw in the pan during my wild lack of correct ingredient panic.

7. I am wildly disorganized and forgetful. On the rare occasions when I get my act together I accomplish more in half a day than most people do in a month.

8. I think this is my 100th post.... a bloody meme!

Comments on this post should include weird or random facts about yourself.

That way I don't have to tag anyone, feel free to lie.


lime said...

i'm not afraid of water but the idea of scuba diving frightens me. the idea of relying on some machine for my air supply is the problem. bit of panic there i guess.

nice to see you back.

eek on the bikers!

Travis said...

I used to be able to walk on my hands.

That's not very weird or random, but it was the first thing that popped into my head.

Hammer said...

I'm not big on the water myself. I had to rescued when at 5 years old they put me in an advanced swimming class when I had never swam before.

puerileuwaite said...

Ok gorgeous, here are 7-weird "facts and thoughts" that constantly keep me occupied:


1) Both Chelsea Clinton and her mum had an obsession with me that got really "freaky" toward the end. I now live in fear of not being able to flee America before the elder is elected President and uses her powers for revenge.

2) I would prefer to flee to Greece (and sweep you off of your feet), but fear that I am not nearly eccentric enough to blend in.

3) On the one hand, I thought the way Jackie O honored JFK's memory by seldom putting out was noble; but at the same time I was also bummed for Aristotle (until I found out about his affair with Maria Callas).

4) I was relieved that his affair was with Maria Callas, and not Charlie Callas, although it would have been funnier in the second case.

5) I've always thought "Zorba the Greek" was redundant in the same way that "Bozo the Clown" is.

6) If the S.S. Poseidon had radar, why didn't it point its bow into the wave?

7) Why doesn't any store sell that hunk of Gyros meat to consumers?

Azzitizz said...

Hi Cathy,
I bribed you with my 'Best Blogging Buddies' award.
It's the green one with kittens on it, come and get it!

val said...

This water phobia seems so common. I have 2 cousins with it. Makes it all the more surprising that one of them let her daughter go on a cruise - the one that sank half an hour out of Athens...

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Cathy, those “7 weird things” have you sounding like Alex, my cat!

Alex may not know about the soup, but he does like hassling the dog next door and chasing rabbits.

Alex hates/fears water in any form.

I have no idea what goes through Alex’s head, no matter what he’s doing.

I am unsure how many of his nine lives Alex has left, but it can’t be very many.

Alex refuses to be told what to do.

Alex creates what I consider to be weird meals by mixing his dry and wet cat foods with anything he can steal off my plate.

The only thing Alex has well organized is his litter box.

Alex has his own blog, but is nowhere near a 100 posts.

Thanks! I enjoyed reading and commenting on your “weirdness.”


Queenie said...

I can swim (not well)but often have dreams of drowning, so I always treat water with respect. Like you some of my best meals have been created when short of a few of the original ingredients. I once made a citizens arrest on a woman who was battering this other person, to be told by the police later that she had a criminal record for armed robbery!!!
Not one of my smartest moves.

Julie said...

I like jumping into deep deep as Lake Erie..but I don't like my swimsuit going up my butt!


Pauline said...

You already know way too much about me, except perhaps that if I see a fire I have a compulsion to walk towards the flames. AnalySIS on a postcard please!

BBC said...

"A woman barely alive. She can rebuild herself.Now where did I put that screwdriver"

I have lots of screwdrivers, here, I'll just stick one in your ear and adjust a few potentiometers. LOL

" I spend most of my time inside my own head even when my body is walking round doing other things."

Yeah, me also, usually with the cosmos. That makes us seem bat shit crazy to others you know. :-)

Miss Understood said...

I live inside my head too, and it drives me nuts.

OK...something weird about me.
Whenever I make a cheese sandwich I put tomatoes on the top...sit down...and promptly take out the tomatoes because I don't like them. I also put them in my salad and then leave them on the side of the plate.

cathy said...

queenie, we are both reckless and creative it seems, dangerous women to be sure, LOL.

julie yup! nothing worse than hungry butt syndrome!

pauline, I'm right out of were obviously a moth in a previous incarnation.

bbc, now that we have blue tooth technology you can't tell the crazies from the tsch freaks so go ahead and talk to yourself.

miss understood, you're right the tomato thing is well weird.
I love tomato sandwiches, they would be pretty boring if I used your method. LOL.
I also eat the discarded tomatoes off other peoples plates. Go figure!

cathy said...

Lime. doesn't that make what we are doing to our planet pretty terrifying?

travis, If we stert on the stuff I used to be able to do it will take forever to write this comment!

hammer, adults can be really dumb sometimes.

puerileuwaite, I always wondered what was going through your head whilst you are chasing your tail.

azzitizz, thankyou.

val, I hope she was ok. I used to work on cruise ships, go figure!

ssnick, I used to like being called cat when I was young and fancy.LOL.

david mcmahon said...

Came here from Lime's wonderful blog. Love your attitude. ``Bugger the rules'' - you sound like an Aussie!

Akelamalu said...

Bugger the rules - great!

Wierd thing about me? I have horns, cloven hooves and a forked tail!

You did say we could lie. ;)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Congrats on #100. I cook like you do and so far luck has been with me and everything has turned out great.

I am going over to puerliwaite's to see is he has any gyros left over...