Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Found in the Translation

Today I had my first session with a new student. He is a Greek
orthodox priest who is translating a Hebrew text into Greek.
However all the notes he has about grammatical forms and
Possible alternate translations are in English and ancient Greek.
A far cry from teaching school children ABC but very interesting,

Anyway, to cut a long story short we decided to take it easy for a
while by translating the beginning of the Kabbalah from English into Greek (a piece of cake in comparison).

Here comes the interesting part, for those interested in such things.
AH HEM… (drum roll, followed by eerie but expectant silence).

The first few paragraphs of the MANIFESTATION,
which is the Kabbalistic creation myth reads like some ancient dude’s
description of the big bang. So there you go science and religion are
actually in total agreement about how the universe came into existence.

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Chrlane said...

That's cool. And very, very purple. LOL! Seriously though, I have dipped in there a bit and it all blows my mind.