Friday, May 18, 2007

55 Flash Fiction - Emotional Fallout


“You have to drink this. No, don’t fall asleep!”
The insistent voice comes from a long way away close by.

The glass is pushed up to her mouth once more.
Gagging on the salty liquid she pulls away vomiting into the sink.
Hearing the ambulance siren approaching
she wonders why they won’t let her die.



I must remain calm, now more than ever.
Seeing the salty spittle bubbling on my daughter’s lips
I feel fear squeezing my throat, don’t panic. Bastard!
“You have to drink this. No, don’t fall asleep!”
I mustn’t forget to take the bottle with me to show the doctors.
Why is the ambulance taking so long?


Who the hell could be phoning him at this time of night.
He listened to the sobbing almost hysterical voice of his estranged wife.

There was no way he was going anywhere at this time of night.
What kind of a guilt trip was she trying to lay on him anyway?
She would cope alone.


Michael said...

Powerful stuff. I won't say anything else except wow...again.


G-Man said...

Cathy...This stuff is very scary!
If it's fiction It's awesome!!
If not, it's...heartbreaking!!
Great Writing....Galen

cathy said...

micheal, your turn:)

g-man, The paradox of fiction is that at it's best it mirrors someones truth.

Shrink wrapped scream said...

It's not fiction. Glad to know you, bonny lass.

Michael said...

My turn? I'm (maybe)working up to some stuff kid. Not sure I want to share though.

I'm keeping it light for now like I always do.

p.s. It would be nice if you spelt my name right :-p LOL

p.p.s. Love you. Always have always will.

Logophile said...

Oh Cathy, incredibly well written.
Wow seems to almost cover it.

Queenie said...

Brill, I stuggle to do one.

Tina said...

Cathy,as always, very well written.
very frightening experiences... Tina xoxo

Blancodeviosa said...

wow! i am speechless

Antonio said...

Very nice Cathy. As usual you leave me wanting more.


Malnurtured Snay said...

I'm watching "Beerfest" right now -- #1 cracked me up!

MONA said...


val said...

You can just see it, can't you, and the husband/father's reaction - brrrr, makes me shiver.

phaseoutgirl said...


Found this from Shrink wrapped scream's site... I am discovering many new things everyday. You write very powerfully...

will be a regular visitor..


cathy said...

shrink, I will definitely be visiting you again.

michael, pre coffee spelling bluder.

logo, what did I miss?

queenie, your struggle paid off in spades!

Tina, you're a sweetie.


antonio, greedy boy.

snay,you're too much. LOL

mona, thanks.

val, unfortunately yes.

phaseout, welcome. I'll visit you later.

S said...

Wowee madam...
Thanks for playing and warn me next time, will ya?

Have a lovey weekend!

Michael said...

Cathy you never do ANYTHING pre-coffee.

cathy said...

s, BE WARNED. Next weeks is done already....evil laughter.

michael, I pee pre coffee.

Dan said...

This is the very reason I'm doing that 20-mile walk in overnight Manhattan in June.

Powerful stuff Cathy.

Travis said...

Heavy duty industrial strength. Very good.

Michael said...


lime said...

wow.....just wow....55 word chapters that punch you in the gut.

EBEZP said...

A big wow Cathy. Good insight in to a often taboo subject.
They moved me.

G-Man said...

Morning Cathy,
have a great Sunday!!!
Galen xo

ann said...

Cathy, I came by the other day to leave a comment... but couldn't, not that day

these are certainly chilling and since most fiction is based on fact, this is someone's truth

they're very well done... you are very good at this

lotsa luv ann xxxx

puerileuwaite said...

Great writing as always, yet so tough to read.

G-Man said...


Top cat said... everyone else I have no words except WoW!

thanks for the bowl of milk.:)

Jocelyn said...

Jesus Marimba. This is terrific stuff.

What power you packed into this writing exercise!

Ali said...

..."The paradox of fiction is that at it's best it mirrors someones truth..."

This was fiction at its best Cathy. So very powerful I had to read it several times.

PS: Just hopped over from Michaels site after reading about the diver and wetting myself laughing..

cathy said...

dan, hope you reach your target soon.

travis,heavy duty and light relief we've got it all. I think this blog may be bi-polar.

michael, I was just warming up.

lime,sorry for beating up on you like that.

ebezp, no subject is taboo on this blog.

g-man,If you only knew!!!

cathy said...

ann, hope everything is ok with you. I promise something lighthearted for your next visit.

peurileuwaite, something easier to read next time then.

G-man, oxo

TC, you came for the cream then.

jocelyn, I am way overdue to visit you I'll be by tomorrow.

ali, welcome. now I'll have to work on making my comments more interesting too.

Top cat said...

cathy your words are always like cream to me.:)

cathy said...

TC, What a flatterpuss you are today!