Monday, May 7, 2007

Weather or not?

Hello, good morning and welcome.

Now for the weather forecast.

In Athens today the temperature will be in the upper seventies making it extremely unlikely that sufficient ironing, mopping or housework in general will get done. This is likely to produce a stormy outlook on the home front where angry, black clouds will inevitably gather in husbandly regions. Thunder is likely to ensue with heavy showers of sarcasm forecast for later in the day. All wives who are planning to desert their duties, in order to take advantage of blue skies and bird song, are strongly advised to be carrying an umbrella of indifference when returning to their abodes
The outlook for tomorrow is somewhat brighter as husbands who are working will be at a far remove and will be able to storm as much as they want without affecting the sunny disposition of the rest of the family. Sunbeams will prevail for much of the day dimming slightly in the late evening when moods will become overcast due to the return of blustery spouses.


Antonio said...

Is it still today or tomorrow? I know there is a time difference. Sounds like a big storm on the way for day after tomorrow. I need to be ready. Thanks for the forcast. Very good post.


Michael said...

Sounds like its going to be a little rough in Nikoland.

Michael said...

Ooops, was I not supposed to guess what it was about?

My bad. Sorry.

Serena Joy said...

Heh. Your forecast sounds a lot like mine.

ann said...

... not that I recommend it and I think I would prefer a few little storms, because if I remember rightly if there was a depression a sunny disposition usually whipped it away... however, come rain or shine, I now don't answer to anyone.

puerileuwaite said...

Weather Update from Precipitation Pug and the Doppler Gang:

The expected storm front will likely push off to the northeast, due to an inversion effect over the delta. It now appears that a warm front will penetrate into the valley just south of the foothills, propelled by a strong jet stream. This is anticipated to bring much needed moisure to the fruit crops, which should help to reverse the effects of recent neglect and insect damage. A raincoat is advised.

Travis said...

That's funny!

lime said...

brilliant! are we married to the same man? this was excellent advice and so much more accurate and practical than the tv forecasters.

Miss Understood said...

That was brilliant.

And oh so true.

cathy said...

antonio, I'm not the best person to ask what day it is. LOL

so much for the impersonal plural. thanks a lot Bro. LOL.

serena joy, It's a problem of cosmic proportions.

ann, I'm working on it.

puerileuwaite,Now we're talking!

travis, mine or puerileuwaites?

lime,this man is everywhere, the only women not married to him are divorced , single or lucky enough to be lesbians.

(ok guys so there are a few exeptions to this rule but they are as rare as rocking horse shit)

miss understood,I understand.

G-Man said...

Cathy, I can't imagine you taking crap from anyone!
....Unless of course you just 'act' like it bothers you, then that would be brilliant!
Carry On......G

spoon said...

Better weathermen have attempted to predict the weather without much just never know when it may change, particularly one relating to emotions!

MONA said...

LOL..that is so interesting Tee hee...That is a superb 'whether' weather forecast!!

MONA said...

this is so much more appropriate and practical..LOL!

EBEZP said...

Blustery Spouses...LOL
Hope you're ready for the scouse invasion!!!

val said...

Why is housework a woman's duty? Or don't men get the house dirty?
(yeah, right...)

Queenie said...

Some where over the rainbow, cathys there.

Anonymous said...

I think I get it.
you're using weather as an analogy to a relationship in a marriage.
It is analogy right?
why does the word have anal in it?
I'm so confused
I think I'll just go back to pretending like I can't talk
and meow instead

Sugar Smacks said...

That weather report is quite clever.

Cathy, I've tagged you with my very first meme.

It's on my newest post and it's about education.

*sigh* I really don't know enough bloggers or meme-rules for this, but... I was tagged and feel obligated somehow. Is that the point of memes?

Anyway, just ignore it if you want, I dunno. I'll be back, either way!

Blancodeviosa said...

no comment. yo never know who's watching ;)

cathy said...

g=man, I save it in a bucket until I've got enough to drown the offender:)

spoon, Do they have heatwaves in the North Pole?

mona, I knew you'd spot the pun.

ebezp, are you planning to visit?

val, Don't get me started!!!

queenie, Is that the same as being round the bend?

top cat, your one smart feline chubby cheeks.

sugar smacks, I wouldn't dream of ignoring you or your meme.

blancodeviosa, you can speak freely here. I do.