Monday, May 28, 2007


Some of you are already aware that Michael is my brother and a handful have read some of Maria's (my mother) poetry so now I am going to introduce my sister Pauline, who is about to launch a blog of her own. I for one can't wait.

Doesn't Play Nicely With Others

You see that girl hanging round our house
With no friends to go out with at night
She lives in a world of imagine
With no other person in sight

Oh yes, she can talk about engines
and Leonardo's theories on flight
Or discuss at great length metaphysics
or even why animals may bite

But she doesn't know much about make up
or shopping for clothes come to that
In fact she looks like a bag lady
she's just short of a shawl and a hat

Don't talk to her please, she's our sister
Although that may give you a fright
She doesn't play nicely with others
So we don't let her into the light

by Pauline

Note to Pauline, Come into the light. Post something on your own blog.


Michael said...

~Spreading the happiness as only a dysfunctional family can.~

G-Man said...

The great thing about blogging, is that you don't have to play well at all...You do and say what you want to, for your own pleasure and satisfaction.
...OK Cathy, When is your child starting a Blog?

EBEZP said...

It obviously runs in the family Cathy - I'm not sure what exactly but its definitely a family thing>
Seriously that's nice don't forget to link her and we can all go and jeer from the sidelines!

lime said...

she does need to come out and play

Travis said...

The family that blogs together...?

You're a talented gang there.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks for introducing us to Pauline!

Pauline said...

Thanks Cathy, blog now started as you know, all welcome, thanks for comments everyone.

Miss Understood said...

Hmmm. Pauline's link doesn't work...

Great poem! Welcome to Blogsville :)

Matt-Man said...

Post Pauline, Post!!

Queenie said...

How did you do it I still can't get my sis to come and play?

Michael said...

She's evil queenie...very very evil.

Anonymous said...

This is some type of conspiracy to consume blogger.
Oh yeah, it starts off small but then it grows and grows until we will all be standing under the shadow of the Almighty Cathy and family.
C'mon out and play Pauline.heh heh heh

val said...

I was just going to say what a talented family you have, Cathy - then I read Michael's comment...

val said...

I just went to Michael's blog and there's no facility to either look at the previous comments or post any new ones. Does this mean he has thrown in the towel and I win?

Dan said...

Wait a second. Pauline is Cathy's sister. Got it. Pauline is writing a poem about someone who doesn't play nicely, who is almost a bag lady. Got it. Pauline says it's her sister. Got it. Um ... OK ... did I just walk into a family squabble here? :)

Gotta go! I ... uh ... I think I left the faucet on. Yeah, that's it!

cathy said...

michael, smile please:)

g-man, there is another sister to go but don't hold your breath.

ebezp, runs FROM the family.

lime, I think you'll get on well with Pauline.

travis, and we all learnt ballroom dancing too!

ss nick, you're welcome.

pauline, 3 posts already! I'll have to get my thinking cap on.

miss understood, link is working now.

matt-man, your pleas have not fallen on deaf ears.

queenie, it's a gift.

michael, where did I leave my black pointy hat?

top cat, we are a formidable force when we get together, or something like that.

val, michael's hiding under the stairs now that pauline is here.

Michael said...

We did not all learn ballroom dancing. More big stories!

puerileuwaite said...

Knowing my luck, you're probably the "sane" one.

Keshi said...

she sure is talented!


Logophile said...

Ive popped over to welcome her,
she's as crazy as you, I LOVE her!

cathy said...

dan, after reading your comment even I am confused. one thing I do know is that our family doesn't squabble,as such.

michael, cha, cha cha!

puerileuwaite, you are absolutely correct.

keshi, isn't she just.

logo, she's madder than a bag of squirrels!

Malnurtured Snay said...

How many brothers and sisters can you possibly have?!?!

Michael said...

Stupid keyboard.

Anyway as I was about to say...

Malnurtured Snay - I can't keep the pretence up any longer. I'm an only child. Cathy and Pauline are just figments of my warped imagination. Yes, I admit it, I made them up to keep me company and beat me soundly during my lonely childhood.

Oh, I almost forgot. Their blogs don't exist either so you might want to stop reading them. It will be less embarrassing all round that way.

Anonymous said...

For some odd reason I just had the Adams Family song going through my head.
ummmmm could it be? nahhhhhhhh!

cathy said...

snay, Don't listen to michael. I link therefore I am:)

michael, It will be interesting to see how many people don't read my next post.

TC, we make the Adams family look sooo normal!!!

G-Man said...