Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ode to Conscience

Without your weight,
My anchor to the ground.
I would fly away,
Disappear into the clouds,
Blow with the breeze,
Flee into the night,
To dance among the stars,
Twinkling, shining.

Without your stern disapproval,
Your frown of conformity.
I would sing by bubbling brooks,
Dangling my toes in the water,
Run naked through the grass,
Roll down hills laughing,
And pick flowers from the hedgerows,
To wear in my hair.

Without your ancient attitude,
Your melancholy depth,
I could be forever,

The child I never was.


minijonb said...

That was wonderful.

If I was to say something to my conscience, it would not be as poetic. It might be more along the "Look what you've done now!" lines.

Hammer said...

That should be on the card my mother gets.

I sent her a DVD instead.

Jocelyn said...

I love the photos interspersed!

Michael said...

Great post Cathy. Now ya can post the other one tomorrow...


Tina said...

Cathy, this is outstanding...magnificent... you really should look into getting your poetry published. You are brilliant my dear friend!
Tina xoxo

cathy said...

minijonb, or vice versa:)

hammer, She"ll probably like the DVD better.

jocelyn, so you hated the poem then?

micheal, sshh!

tina, you are so SWEET :)

lime said...

very lovely, cathy...truly

Michael said...


puerileuwaite said...

Your conscience sounds like a real downer ...

Diesel said...

Okay, I'm sorry already! Geez.

Liz said...

Cathy, That was simply wonderful.

G-Man said...

Cathy, you have a way with words!
A really good way...xox

Dan said...

Cathy, I want that child back! Come back! You write so wonderfully. How about a poem written by that happy child deep inside you? I know she's there. I've seen her. Hugs and love!

cathy said...

lime :)

michael, are you sucking a lemon?

puerileuwaite, ain't that the truth!

diesel, you win the wittiest comment contest.

liz,nice to see you here I will post a review soon, promise.

g-man, GEE MAN!

dan,Everybody wants happy poems all of a sudden! Where's my tickling stick?

Queenie said...

Enjoyed those words and the photos.

EBEZP said...

The words and the pics go so well together the words are truly beautiful. Makes me feel all warm!
Thanks for the visits to my sites btw and I'm sorry to have to inform you that you hace been tagged at mine!
It's a food one and I think you'll quite enjoy it.

Michael said...

I told you there would be a demand for happy poems...

ann said...

cathy, this is beautiful, absolutely beautiful... and so true!

G-Man said...

Cathy dear,
are you tagging me on your education meme?
Whats the deal?

Top cat said...

absolutely beautiful.
You ARE the child, I see it
I feel it
and I read it