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Greek Orthodox Easter
Greek Easter is the country's most important religious festival.
It begins with a 40-day fast, though many people choose to fast only on certain days of religious significance or just During Holy Week the churches are full every evening as even people who are not regular church goers still observe Easter during the final week before Easter, Holy Week.
The red eggs for just after the Resurrection are the women’s first job as far as food preparation is concerned. In our house this involves 3 generations Grandma, myself and my girls. Eggs are usually painted and cookies baked on Thursday.
Good Friday is a solemn occasion and many people spend long periods of time, sometimes all day in church. Others go for a short time to light candles. The church bells ring a death toll all day long and it is the only day of the year on which I do not play music, mainly out of respect for local traditions.At about 9pm the “epitafio” is brought out of the church and leads a candlelit procession around the streets.

At midnight on Saturday the church bells ring out joyfully: the faithful, candles lit, can celebrate the Resurrection. Fireworks are set off and some places have bonfires where they burn an effigy of Judaes.

The meal afterwards consists of "mageritsa," (soup made from offal) which I avoid like the plague the red eggs are knocked and the traditional phrase "Christ is risen" will be heard all around the table.
On Easter Sunday, spit-roast lamb is the centerpiece of the table Served with plenty of green salads particularly lettuce and lots of good red wine or retsina. Many families will spit roast a whole lamb for this ocassion, ours included, and friends as well as family are invited to join the feast.



dana barnett said...

Hi Cathy,Those are beautiful pics,Happy Easter/Holidays to you!!!

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I have pics of my daughter and I there,Soon to be updated as she is now turning three on may 23.


dana barnett said...

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Mr. φ said...

You have a great easter too!

kate said...

kinda ironic that I come to your "Resurrection Corner" at Easter time! lol

Have a great holiday!

lime said...

thanks so much i really enjoyed that culture lesson.

christos anestes! (dunno if i spelled it right)

Serena Joy said...

Sounds like a really beautiful celebration, Cathy. Happy Easter to you and yours.

val said...

The real Easter story gets lost in so many countries. I think I'd like to lose the animal roasting on a spit, though (I'm a veggie)

puerileuwaite said...

Whoa, are that many candles REALLY necessary?

Geez, I haven't seen that many candles in one place, since that time I was looking at a house for sale, owned by a gay male couple (true story). The tub-for-two area had enough of 'em for a new Madame Toussaud's.

Dan said...

Happy Easter Cathy!

I think I'll pass on the charred animal ... being a vegan and all. :)

Top cat said...

It's very interesting to read the Easter traditions in Greece.
Have a wonderful and happy Easter.

Travis said...

Thanks for the lesson.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thank you. I sincerely enjoy it when you share about life in Greece and Athens.

Easter blessings!

Logophile said...

I was in Greece for only one Easter and it was certainly different than the ones here in the states.
I really enjoyed it.
Ours is really not a religion based celebration for the most part, what with the eggs and rabbits and all.

Tina's Wishes and Dreams said...

Christos Anesti!!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!! :)

MONA said...

Happy Easter Cathy!

Wow! quite a celebration I see there with all those colourful pictures.

Ps..Do you rost the lamb with head and all???

dana barnett said...

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Michael said...

Happy easter sis. Hope you survive it!

Groovy Lady said...

What an interesting post! It sounds like a wonderful celebration to take part in. I just love the traditional feel to it all.. and especially how those traditions are being passed down to your own children. That's a very beautiful gift you are giving them. :)

Happy Easter to you and your family Cathy!

Btw.. I wish my eggs turned out looking as good as those in the picture.

cathy said...

Dana, you seem to have sorted it out. Keep blogging!

mr φ, cheers m'dear.

Kate, that's impressive even I hadn't noticed.

lime, christos anesti or if you prefer Χριστος Ανεστη

Serena Joy, It has been a nice day.

Val, I'm not a great meat eater but my husband eats nothing else.

puerileuwaite, I'm very happy to see you here and that is a small sample of candles.The streets here are thronged with thousands of them at Easter.

Dan, you're looking good on it!

Top cat, Ta muchly.

Travis, love the writers meme.

S S Nick, Did somebody sneeze? bless you too:)

logophile, actually it's just an older religion. Have a great day.

Tina,Χριστος Ανεστη.

Mona, Yes, my mother in law ate it!

Mik. cheers talk to you later.

Groovy Lady, Ironically enough I stick to traditions that some Greeks are letting slide so that my girls don't lose their cultural heritage. I painted those eggs with my children.

Tina's Wishes and Dreams said...

Cathy, I've been "renovating" my blog. If u get a chance visit and let me know what u think :) I've been glued to my pc all day!!!!

Tina's Wishes and Dreams said...

I still have a lot to learn, huh?!?! Changed it again. Let me know what u think now. :(

Malnurtured Snay said...

Happy Giant Bunny Rabbit Day!

G-Man said...

Cathy, I know that I left a comment last night, Somethin ate it.
just like somethin ate all the food that I made today. Is that your lamb roaster?
Even though I'm not officially orthodox, every Summer for the past 6 years me and my son help cook about 40 spring lambs at St. Nicolas Orthodox church for their annual picnic..
I love roast lamb..
Have a Happy Easter..

cathy said...

Tina, now all you have to do is write a proper post!

mal snay, hoppity hop!

g-man you're right I got email notification of your comment but it isn't here. Weird! Never mind I saw the greeting first thing when I checked my email

dana barnett said...

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