Friday, April 27, 2007

55 Flash Fiction -

BATTERED WIFE (the sequel, as requested by Top Cat)

Gripping the knife tightly she tiptoed through the house. The rhythmic breathing of her sleeping children caressed her ears. Pausing outside their door she listened to this gentle sound, inhaling its sweet insinuation.Would she be the instrument of more destruction? Returning to the kitchen, she let the knife fall unheeded from her helpless hands.



Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl, "Will you marry me?" The girl said "No" and she lived happily ever after and went shopping, drank martinis with friends, always had a nice, clean house, never had to cook, had a closet full of shoes and handbags, stayed skinny, and was never farted on.

This second piece was forwarded to me by Ann, who recieved it from her dsaughter. It was doing the rounds of London banks as a joke email. I just happened to notice that it was an accidental 55 flash.


G-Man said...

The flatulance thing works both ways ya know!!
Nice sequel Cathy!!

G-Man said...

The Apex!!
My favorite spot!!
Thanks Cathy, *wink*

jillie said...

Now that's my kind of marriage proposal!

Hey...thanks for the heads up on the linking. I'll see if it works. I have a mac and sometimes they just don't want to co-operate.

BTW...what do all of those initials stand for? I think I have the FM down...LMAO...

Thanks for stopping by ;o)

jillie said...

g-man...EVERY spot is your favorite spot!

Queenie said...

Thats my kind of fairy tale!!!

MONA said...

I was holding my breath since a week!

The other one is SO PERFECT!

Now will you please hear me singing at Dan's?[ these days its a fashion to sing at other's place, I heard that J lo is being paids a million to sing at a greek tycoon's wedding anniversary!]

val said...

Shame about the knife - I thought a nice Bobbitt would be just the job.

Tina said...

love the ending of the 55..... about the other post... that was one smart girl!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You are so effin good.
I love it.
Thank you, I feel better now.:)

~d said...

I come to you thru jillie...
I actually went BACK to jillie and told her what FMWMSO means! HAHA!
And that is what drew me to you, was your 'definition' of those awesome pumps!
(I see you are an Aries! Happy, Happy!) I am as well!

Blancodeviosa said...

i bet my kids would crap if i stood by there doors with a knife.

we all know i'm a psycho..

Groovy Lady said...

Ohh thanks for the continuation.. the darkness of part one has been playing on my mind. :)

lime said...

well i am glad she dropped the knife, tempting though it may be.

and the accidental one, LOL!!!

Jocelyn said...

Both of these are ever-so-good. These compressed pieces become a form of extended poetry, even.

Matt-Man said...

Nice Job Cathy...I think mixing the two stories would render a great read about some guy getting knifed for farting. Cheers!!

S said...

Very good Cathy! Thanks for playing 55!

Now Im a hiding from you and that knife!

Anonymous said...

I liked the sequel. Too bad she didn't follow through.

Dan said...

Ouch! I hope she didn't drop the knife on her foot! That would lead to another sequel where she is rushed to the emergency room, causing havoc for her children who now have to wait on her hand and foot -- especially foot! :)

Very nice Cathy!

Why 55 words? Why not, say, 57? Or an erotic version where there are 69 words? Would give "flash" a whole new meaning.

Sugar Smacks said...

Now that I've Wikipedia'd what it's all about, I wanna try the 55!

Cathy I thought you were a Pisces but you're not, you're an Aries.

Of course, this changes everything y'know.

Sugar Smacks said...

Hey, I just read your other flash 55's. Nice.

cathy said...

g-man, It's a metaphor. der.and thanks.
G-man/Jillie,my mum reads this blog. that's why I come to your blogs to be rude:)

Jillie good luck with the linking.

queenie, what? And they all LIVED..

MONA, I love karaoke, do you think it's ok to sing on somebody else's blog?

Val, I didn't know that your real name was Laura. LOL

Tina, you get the gold medal this week.Your 55 is

Michael said...

sugar - she's a pisces...check your calendar :)

MONA said...

Cathy, I have been singing the whole evening on Dan's blog.He didnt seem to mind! :)

Now will you please suffer my Long short story?

Malnurtured Snay said...

You forgot "and kept picking up men in bars who could never bring her to The Big O."

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I assume that the end of both stories.

cathy said...


TC,you're just a big softy, aren't you?

~d, Welcome.but I'm not an aries. sorry about that.

blancodeviosa, I can scare the shit out of mine sitting down holding a cup of coffee LOL. "No chocolate cake for you!" is sually sufficient.

groovylady,Nice to know I'm doing my job:)

lime,There 's a sad lack of homicidal maniacs in here.

jocelyn, some of my poetry is poetic too:)

matt-man, You are on top form. Love it!

s,most of my violent tendencies are against men who don't do housework. LOL

danny, Loved your 55. By the way how's Dora:)

dan,I see the seeds of a fetish developing there.

sugar smacks, can't wait to see what YOU make of it.pisces actually.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I like happy endings plus I knew if she used the knife it would fuck up her and her kids lives forever.
He wasn't worth it.:)

I had to come back to see how g-man defiled your

Grumpy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ann said...

hi Cathy...

well I'm glad Part II ended that way... could you have done blood and gore in just 55 words... LOL

I see Rachel's contribution raised a few comments... thanks for posting it.

I think I'd like to give this 55 thingy a go, but I'll probably end up turning it into poetry; is that allowed?

Hope all's good with you and yours. Chasing my tail and playing catch up past midnight...

lotsa luv ann xxxx

G-Man said...

Yeah...a metaphore for not having a man?

And somewhere there is a man that is not being metaphored on by a women!

MONA said...

Cathy...Go see Charles! He is a handsome dork. Some eye candy!

puerileuwaite said...

"I can't drive 55" - Sammy Hagar.

cathy said...

dan, 68

mona,been there done that

snay, better than being married to 1 who doesn't know what the big O is.LOL!

ss nick,they are never-ending stories

TC, Happy? You mean he was so grateful for not being stabbed that he stopped abusing her?

ann, poetry not kosher apparently

g-man,tsk tsk

mona, he's definitely a dork

peurileuwaite,I'll be doing quotes later this week

Queenie said...

Have you found the link???

Travis said...

And yet the problem remains...a part 3 perhaps?

MONA said...

Cathy! good evening! Where have you been

Now dont say,' Ive been to London to look at the queen!'

yeah! isnt he?!!!

Logophile said...

Ah yes, I love both of these.
The sequels finishes nicely for my taste, although bloodshed in fiction can be fun too.