Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Coming Through

Remembered Pain

Searing through my memory,
Branding iron of used to be,
Remembered pain..

I deny it’s hold on me,
I will not live in misery
Or let it’s remnants hurt me once again.

A victim once through circumstance
I will not let past happenings hold sway
Recalling of past agonies
Will not shape who I choose to be

My future life,
My destiny,
Unsullied by its poison will remain.

I cast out the indignity,
Of all that has been done to me,
I choose to be
Unsullied, unashamed.


SaM-GiRL said...

wow, very nice. deep... inspirational.

dana barnett said...

Hey Cathy,Very good,It hit right inside.You made me cry,In a good way.


Dan said...

Cathy, Brava! Wonderful poem with a terrific message. The past is the past. We can learn from it, but we shouldn't obsess over it and let it rob us of the rest of our lives. And we do have the choice, though it can be very difficult to see that.

Thanks for sharing this!

MONA said...

this is a wonderful creation.

lime said...

i love the victorious ending

G-Man said...

Wonderfully Positive Cathy!
Thanks for Sharing...

dana barnett said...

Hi Cathy,How on earth did you find my nightengale site I thought that it was inaccessable!!!Thankyou for your Lovly story It made me happy.I have an 8th of C Indian in me also.Sorry I cannot spell my own tribe of Indian blood,What a moron!


Anonymous said...

wonderful poem cathy. Not allowing the past to keep us from being what we can be today.
I love your writing.

EBEZP said...

Positive, inspirational and beautiful.
Nice 1 Cathy

Queenie said...

Thanks for sharing this cathy. Words you search for, but can never find.....

dana barnett said...

Hi Cathy,I will have to somehow add them to one of my blogs.The thing is i forget how to,and i dont want to create a whole new one ether.If you can help let me know!!!You can add me,[both of my blogs]to your blog choises if you like.

AS for rewriting my poetry onto one of my blogs I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!


val said...

Strong lady. I salute you.

cathy said...

sam girl, I hope it can inspire.

Dana, have a hug.

Dan, I learn something new almost every day

mona, so your message didn't spoil anything

Serena Joy said...

I love that!

cathy said...

lime, It's my fav bit too.

g-man, cheers m'dear

dana, I get one or the other depending on which comment I click on, glad you liked the story but don't ever put yourself down. you are definitely not a moron.

TC,thankyou chubby cheeks.

ebezr, high praise for a manchester fan to get from a scouser, I'm gobsmacked.

Queenie, sometimes the words find me.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I prefer to remember nice things - like the last time I had sex. Anyway, beautiful poem!

Cazzie!!! said...

God for you. POSITIVELY true, looking forward, not behind. Strength to you.

dana barnett said...

Hi Cathy,I have added the poems in the comments to my [NIGHTENGALE]Blog,and a few more.Thankyou for your edvice!

Dana.Ps I think should write a beautiful,positive,happy,poem next time.I think it would help!!!

puerileuwaite said...

You rock.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thank you. I identify, especially:

"A victim once through circumstance
I will not let past happenings hold sway"

cathy said...

val, you salute and I'll march but only to my own drum.

serena,ta muchly

malnurtured snay,sex? What's that?

cazzie,looking back is only good for checking those typos. LOL

Dana, I will take alook.

puerileuwaite,good to see you

S S Nick, we are all victims of circumstance at some point in life..

dana barnett said...

Cathy,dam girl your up late???I know that my poem's are kinda lumped together I just wrote them that way...For artistry and I just wanted to get them done.When I was on your comment page I had read the sex comment's.Don't feel bad I am 27-28 on april 15th and I thought it was extinct????


Travis said...

The verbs and adjectives you've chosen are so strong and powerful. Well done.