Monday, April 30, 2007


With open arms and open heart,
You welcomed me right from the start.
You introduced me as your daughter.
You filled our home with love and laughter.
You steadied me along the way,
By my side, come what may,
When I was lost in this strange land,
You showed me how to understand..
When I missed my family,
You were there to comfort me.
My cares and worries you made your own,
You never let me cry alone.

I open up my arms and heart
It’s my turn now to play my part.
You cast me as your loving daughter,
I will fill your home with love and laughter
I’ll steady you along the way,
By your side come what may.
When you are lost I’ll take your hand
Your pain I’ll try to understand.
You have become my family.
Your comfort now will come from me.
Your cares and worries I make my own.
I will not let you die alone.



Blancodeviosa said...

gosh, everyone is so lovey dovey today.

i'm not knockin' just saying :)

and very nice btw

Hammer said...

That is very touching. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Queenie said...

Cathy, that is so touching.
I'm sure that knows how much you love her. These are painful times, my thoughts are with you.

Tina said...

Cathy, may God give you strength to help you through these difficult and painful times...My prayers are with you and your family

Groovy Lady said...

That was beautiful Cathy. :)

Dan said...

Wow! What an amazingly loving tribute Cathy. You're a wonderful person for being there by her side at this time. Hugs and love to the both of you.

Travis said...

Beautiful words.

Michael said...

That was beautiful.

Tell her I'm coming to visit very soon. It has been way too long. Give her a hug from me every day until I can do it in person.

She's a wonderful woman.

Miss Understood said...

Beautiful words.

G-Man said...

Very touching Cathy...
You'll do just fine!

MONA said...

cathy, you are a wonderful person.
This is a beautiful tribute to your mother in law.You are exemplary in your affection & tender care.She deserves you as much as you deserve her.Such mutual care & affection is rarely seen & heard of.
We all feel proud of you cathy, You are surely a very brave woman, as is your mother in law.
Hugs to you both.
May God give you strength & courage to tide over these difficult times.& may God reduce her pain in the best way he sees fit.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful heart cathy.
I'm thankful I found your blog.

MONA said...

Cathy, I hope everything is fine with you.God Bless you.

cathy said...

Please forgive me for not answering your comments individually. The news of my mum in law's illness is too upsetting for me to dwell on. I will see you at your own blogs and comment there.Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes.

val said...

Touching is certainly the word.

lime said...

oh cathy, what a truly beautiful poem and what a truly beautiful relationship the two of you must share. you both are blessed and i hope that blessing somehow makes whatver difficulty lies ahead, bearable.

ann said...

she obviously means the world to you aa you do to her

your tribute is beautiful... I hope you read it to her, although I'm sure she knows how much you love her and care

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

puerileuwaite said...

Wow. Wishing you both the best possible outcome.

Lulu (Dan's cat) said...

I wish I could come over there and sit in your mum-in-law's lap to comfort her. I love her already, based on what you said about her and from her photo.

You humans can be really great sometimes. You're wonderful Cathy!


S said...

Very sweet and kind words, we all should have someone like you..

Sorry about hte Rufus! LOL

G-Man said...


Queenie said...

Cathy ((((hugs)))).

dana barnett said...

Cathy,May god be with you and her both...she seems to be a very sweet mom-mom...Gods speed and Love to shower over you all...Thankyou for you best wishes for wishes to you and yours...This is always the hardest times in life...You will make it through...And she will be blessed with you...God has his arms around her...All your famly...

Luv Dana...



Anonymous said...


jillie said...

Did you write that? That is so beautiful Cathy....

Anonymous said...

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