Sunday, April 22, 2007

TEN THINGS THAT I NEVER DID BEFORE (insert noun phrase of your choice here)

I am feeling decidedly lazy and uninspired today so I am posting a meme just to irritate the hell out of everybody who hates the damn things. (It's annoying me already and I wrote it!)

Ten things that I never did before immigrating to Greece.

!. I never had a meal that consisted of only bread and olives.
2. I never screamed at the top of my voice whilst having a friendly conversation.
3. I never belly danced.
4. I never danced on the table in a crowded bar.
5. I never swam in the sea surrounded by jellyfish..
6. I never took part in a candlelit vigil outside a church.
7. I never rode pillion on a moped.
8. I never saw anyone eat a sheep’s eyeball.
9. I never attended a big fat Greek wedding.
10. I never supervised the building of a house in a language that I couldn't speak.


Queenie said...

An eyeball, Yuck!!!!! (hope you didn't mean me about the meme!!!)

Queenie said...

Gosh I've just realised I'm first again, YES!!!!!!!

lime said...

so am i to take this to mean you have done all these things since moving to greece?

the eyeball bit would bother me most, i think.

cathy said...

Queenie, of course not you and yuck is right, second only to sucking prawns heads on the yuck factor scale!

Lime,All this and more!

Travis said...

GACK! I'll pass on the eyeballs.

MONA said...

I saw someone eating a sheep's eyeball on TV once...It put me off meat!
YIKES cathy...were you FORCED to do all that or you did it willingly?

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a meal of bread and olives, especially if you can dip the bread in olive oil.
belly dancing? that sounds HAWT!

Groovy Lady said...

Heck Cathy, it sounds like you hadn't lived until you moved to Greece. :P

Except for that sheep's eyeball thing.. that's just gross. Eww!

pink hippo said...

I like belly dancing and has plans to take up the lesson one of these days. :)

As to the sheep eyeballs? it sounds really gross.