Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Logophile interview meme

Logophile composed these questions especially for me so I now have the dubious honor of answering them and presumably trying to get 5 other fools to fall into the same trap.

1. For the year I lived in Greece, although I mostly loved it, I found some of the things there drove me NUTS! In some ways Greece is incredibly backwards, how do you handle that?

For the most part I make an effort to change the things that I can.
I erect an SEP* field around the things that I can’t do anything about,
but if nothing else works I drink.

*somebody else’s problem

2. How is your consumerism doing? Have you been involved in a treatment plan at all?

Strangely enough, ever since I started blogging I have no desire to leave the house to do any shopping.

3. You started blogging to remember you, find you, or reinvigorate you, is it working?

I have been making progress on several fronts where these goals are concerned.
In the short time that I have been blogging I have found friends who praise, guide, chide and generally offer all kinds of useful advice and support.
As well as boosting my self confidence this has had a knock on effect. So I am claiming back my right to be treated with respect and consideration by everyone who is close enough to get a poke in the eye. Anyone who doesn’t like it can whistle!

4. Since everyone else had a go, I want to know your take. Describe your blog.

For crying out loud girl!
If I’d known how to describe my blog I wouldn’t have asked you guys to help.
When I set it up it was just an experiment to see if I could do it.
It appears to have turned into a magical mirror of a myriad mental musings. Will that do?

5. Did your friend actually tell off her whiny/bossy boyfriend?

They split up and she blamed herself for not living up to his expectations. Hopefully she will look back at it from some point in the future and realize what a lucky escape she had.

Now, if you want me to ask you 5 interview questions make sure you mention that in the comment section and hurry. I will interview the first 5 who request it. You would then answer the questions I compose for you on YOUR blog and you can proceed to interview your commenters.

I have also been tagged by Queenie,
and my ego won’t let me ignore it because she said nice things about me. As a result I am about to inflict the same dilemma on a few of the people I visit. This is limited to 5 but anyone who wants to know which blogs I like just has to look at my sidebar; If I don’t like it I don’t link it. With one exception, anyone who visits me and is new to blogging will get linked on my site, just to give them a leg up as it were.

My Choices:

1. Dan's Blah Blah Blog, :
Not just a pretty face but a talented and entertaining raconteur.

2. Lime :
Another bit of everything blog where I feel right at home.

3. Malnurtured Snay, :
Sometimes side splittingly funny, sometimes serious, he helps to keep me young...

4.Groovy Lady :
A modern mum with a humorous view on the hazards of raising a family.

5. ,Spoon :
New to me I haven’t even linked her yet but I sense a kindred spirit.

I have included Queenie’s choices below, so that anyone who wants to see what else is appealing to somebody who likes my blog doesn’t have to go far to satisfy their curiosity.
A woman who seems to have a genuine compassion, and humour.
Honesty and strength, again with humour.
Her patience's and intelligence, show a grace of her own.
A wise man with a lot to share.
Now I have to go and grovel to the poor souls who I've just done this to.


val said...

My mother-in-law was Greek. She married my ex's father when he was posted in Alexandria during WWII, and was shipped back to the UK as a war bride. When she learnt English, they discovered they didn't get on!

She retired with her dull 2nd husband to Kos. He died of a heart attack while over in England for a medical check-up and she didn't come back for the funeral. Sadly, when she contracted cancer of the spine, she was treated in the hospital on Kos with enemas. Friends had to bring her sheets, towels, and I think food. I found that pretty backward. It was 1987.

Queenie said...

Thank you Cathy, isn't this tagging *$%$^*<>, no don't tell me you enjoy it!!!
No really, good of you to get into the spirit of things. Now what was it vodka or Gin, there's a bit of wine left in the bottle????

S said...

Hey, I played 55 last week. The dirty dishes post, remember?

cathy said...

Val My mother in law has cancer. Thank goodness we live in Athens and have access to decent medical facilities!

Queenie, red,red,wine

susie, nice to see you. LOL

lime said...

ok, i have been tagged by 3 people inthe last week and i got a list of questions from logo, head is spining but i'll see what i can do.

liked your answers, you're a smart alec like me. ;)

G-Man said...

Cathy, Thanks for your heads up, I never forget a favor!!!
This is no longer an experiment is it?
Hehehehehehehe....G xo

Dan said...

Cathy, wonderfully witty answers to those questions! I agree that Lime's and Snay's and Groovy Lady's and Spoon's blogs are awesome. Groovy Lady and Lime are too of the wittiest, most engaging gals out there!

(And I'm blushing that you put my blog on your list. That was very sweet of you. Thanks for that!)

MONA said...

What happened? Is she getting worse?
I hope & pray that God might reduce her suffering whichever way he thinks is best for her.

You take care of yourself too!

Matt-Man said...

That new pic of you on the sidebar gives me the willies. Cheers Cathy and have a great weekend.

ann said...

nice to learn even more about you... a very interesting post

I'm sorry about your ma-in-law... I hope she makes a good recovery

have a lovely weekend

lotsa luv ann xxxx

cathy said...

Lime.You're a real team player.
luv ya for it.

G-man. erm it's a long term population study type survey thingy:)

Dan. I'm sure the girls can think of plenty to say about you to:)

mona. thank you. we don't have all the details yet, prayers are good.

matt man,willies? multiple penises?

ann, thanks. I have emailed you about our mutual addiction. LOL.

Groovy Lady said...

Very good answers to the questions Cathy.. I love how you described your blog, lol.

I'm in awe that I am on your list! Having that come from someone whose style, wit and charm I truly admire.. and oh my goodness, the company on that list.. wow! What a wonderfully sweet treat that was to read. Thank you very kindly for it. :)

Squirl said...

I really found your number 3 interesting. I was just telling my hairdresser how I've come to love my little blogger community. They've rejoiced with me in good times and commiserated and sent kind words in the bad times. It really helped me get though my mother's death last year.

I hope your experience here is helping you.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I am truly and completed unworthy; I am also remarkeably flattered and haven't been able to go out in public without people asking "why is your face so fucking red?" since reading this. You have, literally, made my week.

cathy said...

groovy lady,we can start a mutual appreciation society:)

squirl, It's good therapy for sore souls.

snay, Bless your little cotton socks:)

Tina said...

Hey Cathy!!! So, is this where we sign up for the interview meme???