Friday, April 6, 2007

55 Flash Fiction. Twice as Nice

Unusual Encouragement

Lying in the scarlet bloom of his own blood
he looked so vulnerable. Leaning forward
Sarah whispered tantalizingly, “If you just hold on
Until help arrives I swear that when this is over
I’ll give you the best blow job you’ve ever had in your life."

He had always wondered what horse whisperers were saying.



The initial exploration over, lips kissed, nipples sucked,
breasts caressed his mouth continues its journey.
Discovering his own ecstasy in the hidden contours of her
softly yielding flesh. Thighs spreading in silent acquiescence
her body beckons and he enters the forbidden gates, delving

deeper wanting to be totally engulfed, curled up in her womb.



G-Man said...

Saucy is the word!!
And I like it!!
I like them both very much...
Some day you'll see how you can get 40 comments just by posting a pic of your nose!!

cathy said...

That's an H in Hooter!

MONA said...

nice, very nice...In fact great works..both of them [ all puns intented]

Seriously, I see talent here!

lime said...

that first one is tremendous!

Anonymous said...

are you sure these are fictional?
Very very nice, your words just flow and then you add a nice tweak at the end.:)

MONA said...

The works, in the general wider sense...In both the poems...
They have a tremendous ironic content,[ in the first] & satrical content in the second, now that term oedipal is an adjective]; depict universal element in microcosm.

cathy said...

mona, now I know what the guys mean about your comments being educational. You made me think about my own thoughts.

lime, thankyou both for what you said and what you didn't say. You could teach me a thing or two about refinement.

Top Cat, tweaking, twisting it's still a fiction.

Tina's Wishes and Dreams said...

I take it'"Unusual Encouragement"is going to be added to the book? I agree with Lime,I really liked that one...

barefoot_mistress said...

Wow, what have we stumbled upon here in this Cathy person, one who writes amazingly visual 55s! Very well done, my dear!

Matt-Man said...

Who is this Oedipus you speak of and why is he fucking his mother? Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,That was erotic.I've written a few naughty one's my self.If you want to read some let me know on your comments here.I will be fixing my blog and upgrading it over the weekend!!!


cathy said...

tina, must do some work on the book. I'm bloggered if I can tear myself away from here though:)

barefoot mistress, you are too kind to me.

matt man, He was some cat who didn't know where it's at.

Dana look forward to seeing your blog.

cathy said...

If you like 55 flash. you should visit barefoot mistress as she is the one who started it all and she has written a superb and topical story this week.

g-man is another 55 newby

logophile is an old hand.
Find logophile here:-

MONA said...

cathy did you read some of my poerty listed from my september & october archives?

dana barnett said...

Cathy,I fixed it!!!That's the first step,now for upgrading this lameo biog.


val said...

You have a fresh and innovative way with words.

I was once at a performance of Michael Tippett's opera The Ice Break at the Royal Opera House. It contains the word "Motherfuckers". My mouth fell open, but the posh audience didn't flinch. Then I realised - they were so used to hearing their opera in a language they didn't understand, they couldn't understand one in English, either!

cathy said...

mona, your poetry is exquisite.


Dana, way to go girl!

Val, that's one way of putting it. LOL.

dana barnett said...


dana barnett said...

just testing sorry

Travis said...

Wow. Those are very impressive.

Dan said...

The first one is more delightful than this anal probe that the aliens left me. The second one would have been even more arousing had the guy been someone other than Oedipus. Know what I'm saying?

G-Man said...

If you read this first thing in the morning you will see...
Happy Easter Cathy!!!
You Rock......Galen

Unless of course, Orthodox Easter is next week.

Mr. φ said...

Lol, had to read it ^^