Sunday, April 15, 2007


Every now and then we get the urge to re-examine the clutter in our lives and clean out the grotty neglected corners where dirt accumulates unheeded.
When we are done we feel justifiably proud of ourselves as we look around at the gleaming surfaces and open cupboard doors to display neatly lined and orderly shelves where only days ago chaos reigned. Spring is the time of year when this kind of overhaul generally takes place. For me this year my spring cleaning has taken on added significance. My house is as messy as it was before Easter but I am undergoing a process of self examination that is undoubtedly long overdue.

If you hold up a mirror to your face what looks back is the mask that you show the world, If you hold a mirror up to your soul what you see is a multifaceted image that glows and shimmers in parts whilst emitting an eerie hellish glow in others. Sometimes you find yourself in the unenviable position of having somebody else hold up the mirror. If you are unlucky they may choose to slap you in the face with an insult to get your attention first though this seldom has the desired effect. When we are attacked our natural reaction is to defend ourselves which tends to distract us from the reflected images as we turn our attention to the attacker. Occasionally we may be lucky enough for the mirror of multifaceted reflection to be in the hands of a genuine friend, and then we are indeed blessed for instead of a slap the hand waving to get our attention will light upon us with the gentle caress of genuine concern. This is when we will have the opportunity, if we are brave enough to see ourselves as we truly are, taking in both the sparkles and the dark subtleties of our inner reality.

I am grateful to my friend both for caring enough to chastise with a caress and for remaining by my side easing the pain of an agonizing transition from self pity and selfishness to the higher ground of due consideration for the feelings of others. I may still have some cobwebs in the corners of my mind but for now at least the cupboard shelves are looking a bit more respectable.

Thank you.


I hereby swear by everything that is shiny that my next post will be a damn sight more amusing than this one. If you have bothered reading this far I thank you for your forbearance and compliment you on your tenacity. Please leave a comment so that I know I’m not just talking to myself like the mad old dear I am probably destined to become.


val said...

It's very deep for a lazy Sunday morning. I definitely relate to the house not being cleaned.

Thing is, blogs are a bit like diaries, and just because we usually record more trivial things in them, doesn't mean they can't be therapeutic or cathartic too.

And NO I do not mean that anything about VDO is trivial!

ann said...

Oh Cathy you are surely not talking to yourself... you express your feelings well and introspection can never be bad. A shakedown, cleansing our spirit and soul and thinking deeply, call it what you will

Spookily I'm just about to post a poem about a mirror; also not a happy one.

Cathy, you write beautifully

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Tina said...

Remember Cathy : you know you've got friends close to home, too! :)

Groovy Lady said...

Well now that was extremely thought provoking and beautifully written.

Thank God for the true friends in our lives that see the people we truly are, that don't let the garbage that clutters us at time get in the way and are there to give us wake up calls when needed.

Really nice post Cathy. :)

Travis said...

I did read all the way through. A little introsection once in awhile is a good thing.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

You have a good friend.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I'll worry about spring cleaning my soul after I spring clean my apartment ;)

Dan said...

You're a very special person Cathy and I'm very grateful to have bumped into you in this big ole blogosphere.

Lots of love my sweet friend,


puerileuwaite said...

Cathy, you are wonderful, and I like having you in my blog life. I look forward to your posts, and to the attention that you bestow upon me. This funk too shall pass. Trust me.

G-Man said...

You look just fine to me!
...And I've been around!!

Mondays always bring duty!....Thought can wait until Sunday..
Later...Galen xo

cathy said...

val, VDO will be getting some attention this week, I promise.

ann, Eating soul soup can be nourishing but it's not always easy to swallow the lumps.

tina, How could I ever forget?!

groovy lady, friendship is one of life's most precious commodities. I'm certainly grateful for mine.

travis, I promise to be equally diligent. Thank you.

ss nick, I am fortunate to have several good friends.

snay, thanks for saving my life yesterday. LOL.

cathy said...

Dan, Maybe I should request a new post from you whilst your feeling grateful, I'm all probed out:)

puerileuwaite, I'm happy to see you getting out a bit but I can't say that I look forward to spelling your name:)

g-man, HELLO! mum of young kids here, duty 24/7. Just kidding:)

I sometimes get time off for bad behavior. LOL.

lime said...

this was very good and truly blessed are those who have the friends who hold the mirror and gently caress.....

Lizard Princess said...

I've seen you on cruel virgin and dan's
Then again, who ISN'T on Dan's blog as of late- he's got over 300 comments on the latest one, I see (the one where you got, "gold, silver and bronze").

I'll have to stop by over here again, I want to see the next post you promised!

MONA said...

That is a very deeply insightful post cathy.
I love your wit & wisdom.
Keep well & hang in with us :)
You are cool!

Mr. φ said...

Oh Cathy the wise, definately much deeper and more complex vocabulary than me. Please teach me in the ways of blog-mastery, lol. Thanks for the feedback by the way.

Matt-Man said...

Dont be hard on yourself Cathy. I thought that this post was one of your more amusing ones ; ) Cheers!!

Queenie said...

Get to the back of the queue for mad old dears, I was here first.
When I visit your blog cathy, I see no cobwebs, just a friend that clears my mind.....

cathy said...

lime, I am indeed fortunate in my friends.

lizard princess,Dan's just a babe magnet,LOL. I like your recipe blog.

mona, I do my best, cheers.

mr. φ, Bless you my child,LOL.

matt man, thank (insert deity of your choice) for sarcastic buggers like you:)

Queenie,Three old dears:-
"Is'nt it windy?"
"I thought It was Thursday!"
"So am I,let's have a cup of tea."

Miss Understood said...

I love "deep" and "insightful."

I actually spent a day reading all of your archives last week...and was fascinated. You have a great writing style Cathy and I'll definitely be back. In fact, I think I'll repay the favour and link you too. Keep up the good work!

Top cat said...

Great post cathy.
When a mirror is held by a friend and in love it makes it much easier to see our flaws and accept the idea of fixing ourselves.
It is those times when the mirror is held by someone who is being mean and vindictive then I usually grab the mirror and turn it back on them.
I love your thoughts on self-reflection and examination.

Top cat said...

sorry for the broken sentence, I should've reviewed it first but I think you know what I meant.
(stay focused chubby cheeks)
oh well.

Queenie said...

Hee hee, very funny.