Wednesday, March 14, 2007


A long time ago in a place far, far away there was a cruise ship.
THE FAIRSTAR. Fairstar the Fun ship to be precise. Unlike
other ships of this type the Fairstar was not full of wrinkly folk
who thought that eating a bowl of soup without dropping the
spoon was a major achievement. On the contrary, it was full of
lovely lasses and young fella me lads looking for a good time.
Just to make this tale even more enthralling the aforementioned
merrymakers also happened to be Australian!!!
Erm.. this is a pic of the casino staff.I threw a little party
which got so big that we had to take the bathroom doors
off and invade the next cabin.Going to the loo was a bit
embarrassing though.The beers were in the shower.

These folks made America’s spring break look like a kindergarten
picnic at nap time. I swear to (insert deity of your choice) that I
met women on that ship who could trip a man up from behind and
lie down underneath him before he fell, FAIR DINKUM!


We spread the fun around, never before have

gamblers enjoyed losing their money so much.

This is where I learned the art of SKULLING BEER,

if I remember the term correctly.

This involved piercing the bottom of an unopened can of beer

with a penknife, or a biro if you were a WUZZY,

and then placing your mouth over the hole as you pulled the tab.

The beer then spurts forth at such a rate that you end up drinking

( or wearing) the entire contents of the can in 5 seconds flat.

Which is a mercy

when you consider what Australian beer tastes like.

What's the point you may well be asking so without further ado...


and I have the pictures to prove it


Here I am dealing blackjack.The guy with the guitar is

one of my co workers, he is on a break and the people

who I am dealing to are singing along.

The song?

MEATLOAF. Paradise by the Dashboard Light.


Guess whose birthday it was:)

Your right, MINE!
I started celebrating early and by the time the casino
opened it seemed like a good idea to go to work in a
grass skirt. Don't ask me about the hat though, I didn't
know anything about it until I saw this picture.

These two passengers brought me a bottle of champagne

and helped me drink it.

Then the manager sent me to bed early.

Thankyou Pete and Chuggy.


ann said...

woo hoo....

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

Dan said...

You make a very cute blackjack dealer!