Friday, March 30, 2007


They wandered in one by one leaving their offerings.
Some stayed for coffee, others scuttled shyly away.
We added music to the mix
and one danced in gifting us her joy.
When they left they had filled their hearts
by emptying their pockets.
And contentment danced down the road with them

showing them the way


Cazzie!!! said...

I can picture this in my head. It does feel good to give, and to dance.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post and wonderful writing.

cathy said...

It was fun but today was even better. We went round the whole school handing out chocolate bunnies. The sound of the kids' shouts ,squeals and laughter was a real tonic.

top cat
welcome, come on in pull up a chair and take the weight off, the more the merrier.


Sorry I missed today :( You are amazing..... you actually came up with a poem for the bake sale.... you forgot to write one for the arnia!!!!

Groovy Lady said...

That was nice! Do you write all these poems?

They are really good. :)

cathy said...

groovy lady, when I post something that isn't original I say so.

Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, I love that. My three school aged kids finished up for the Easter break and they were all excited that Easter bunny came in and filled their creations with eggs...lovely time of the year isn't it?

ann said...

mmm... makes me feel quite hungry; I'll just put the kettle on

Cathy, can you tell me more about this 55flashfic thingy please?

lotsa luv ann xxxx

cathy said...

Barefoot mistress told me:-
55 Flash Fiction: Write a story in exactly 55 words, with at least one character ....
those are the only rules..but sometimes I use a photo to inspire me, or sometimes I find the photo after the writing.
We used to play every Friday but now it's sorta loose because we all are so busy! Hope you will join us.

you can find her here