Sunday, March 25, 2007


The sun is shining
I am crying
Tears glistening
Ears listening
To harsh words

Suitcases packed
He turns his back
We watch
We four
Father is leaving

I told my friend
Of this sad end
Now neighbors peeping
See mother weeping
She slaps my face
Completes my disgrace

I take the blame
I’m filled with shame
If I’d been a good girl

They would have loved me.

I’m feeling sad today as my brother is going to be offline for a couple of weeks and I won’t be able to chat with him for a while. Maybe it is this sadness combined with the feelings of loss and fear that I experienced last week when my daughter was missing that have brought some old memories to the surface resulting in this poem.
The feelings I express here are those of the child. My mother went on to raise four children without the support of their father.


val said...

She must be a great woman. Men can be so irresponsible where their kids are concerned.

Serena Joy said...

What poignant poetry you write. Kudos.

puerileuwaite said...

I am so sorry, Cathy. Males who do that have no right to be called "men". His loss: as he can take no pride in the family that blossomed in spite of him, nor in the remarkable woman that you became.

lime said...

i remember a variation on that scene being played in my own home as a child all too well

G-Man said...

Cathy, I hate it when this happens...
You posted this, and of course I had to read all about what you were talking about. And in doing so I find you very talented and entertaining. Jeez, just what I need, another smart, witty, and insightful woman that to me is very worth reading every day..You Rock Girl!!...G

Cazzie!!! said...

Your mother must be proud, to have raised a lady such as yourself. Your children will also benefit from this, they will receive your strength. It is ok to have bad days, however, I hope the good days outweigh them.
Glad your daughter is homke old is she?

cathy said...

val- men can be kids were their resposibilities are concerned.

serena joy- thanks, for me it's just a way to let my feeling out.

puerileuwaite- remarkable, I like that.

lime- sadly it is something a lot of people have in common.

g-man- you are too kind.

cazzie- hello and welcome,my youngest is 7 in May. Homke is now a new word in my affectionary.

Anonymous said...

beautiful and sad.