Monday, March 19, 2007

Mrs. Magoo in Mexico>

So,what do I write about to avoid being boring about the current non events in my housewifely life? Yep it’s another post about the past. Today we will be reminiscing about Cozumel, a visit to ”Carlos and Charlie’s Sloppy Bar” to be precise.
On the day in question I was in the company of a large group of friends and colleagues from the ship and we had gone to the Sloppy Bar for a few beers and a spot of incidental lunch. At some point in the proceedings I found it necessary to perform the ritual “breaking the seal” which is the bane of all beer drinkers. I set off on the long and tedious trek to the bathroom taking a last swig of my drink to keep me from becoming dehydrated on the way and promising my jolly pink faced friends that I would return as speedily as possible.
Ablutions duly completed I returned to the bar to resume the serious business of synchronized supping. Unfortunately the room had suffered some sort of tardis effect and now appeared much bigger than it had been only moments earlier. I scanned the room looking for someone either vaguely familiar or without a moustache and was gratified to spot a blonde mop of hair protruding from behind a monster pot of guacamole. Fixing my eyes on this Arian landmark I set out across the room like a blinkered donkey chasing a proverbial carrot. My friends soon became much easier to spot as they all jumped up and started waving and pointing in my direction. Needless to say my inebriated heart swelled with affection at this touching display of
friendly concern and I redoubled my efforts to rejoin them at speed. By the time I got to the table they were all shouting at once though not in jocular encouragement so much as stunned disbelief.
This is what happened; during my absence a fight had broken out between two local miscreants and they had both drawn knives and started waving and jabbing them at each other presumably as a prelude to a bit of nasty stabby stuff. It was at this point that Mrs. Magoo (me) made her appearance and eyes fixed on aforementioned blonde buddy walked completely oblivious right between the two blades. At which point the astounded Knife wielders lowered their weapons in astonishment affording the bar’s bouncers an opportunity to grab them and hustle them outside and out of sight. I cannot therefore say with any authority what they did next but I would like to think that they wandered away discussing the incident in amazement and becoming firm friends on the strength of it. After all who would believe a story like that unless it was backed up by a witness?


bsoholic said...

Wowza!!! Mrs Magoo to the rescue eh? Breaking the seal proves to be a good thing in this case, awesome! :D

puerileuwaite said...

This would make a great video game.

cathy said...

You should read my EMBARRASSED IN THE OUTBACK post, all true I swear.

Michael said...

I'm kind of old fashioned but seeing one's sister using terms like "breaking the seal" is kind of disturbing to one.