Saturday, March 17, 2007



Terror has a taste.
It tastes like toothache.
Accompanied by the petrification of internal organs.
My boulder lungs cannot draw breath
The pebbles in my throat make speech impossible.
My heart, a granite slab
Stops beating
My brain shatters
A million pieces of gravel
Incapable of coherent thought

Returning from work this evening I was greeted by
my mother in law. She was standing in the street with
tears rolling down her cheeks. My youngest daughter
Maria was missing along with her grandfather. He was
supposed to have taken her to a ballet lesson but never
arrived. When my husband went to pick her up an hour
later the drama started. My husband were already scouring
the neighborhood twenty minutes later when I arrived home.
I started making phone calls. First the ambulance service, no
accidents had been reported in our area, local police via a
friend who is a policeman. Then I went to the nearby bus
station as my daughter is fond of buses. I thought if they had
taken a ride someone may remember seeing them. On my way
home I passed the church it didn’t occur to me to go inside
but I dropped some coins into a beggar’s hand as I passed.
Looking up I saw my mother in law coming towards me and I
Felt as if my whole body was being squeezed in a diabolical vice.

What news?

Maria and Granddad are home safe and sound
Apparently he suffered a dizzy spell which left him feeling
disorientated and got lost. After wandering around trying
to get his bearings for a whilehe got in a taxi and brought
Maria home.
We will be taking granddad to the doctor’s for a checkup
but I’m afraidit may be time for him to sit back and be
looked after rather than doing the looking after, as he likes to.
I pray that he will come to this conclusion himself so that I don’t
have to force it on him, being able todetermine your own actions
is so important to human dignity


lime said...

oh my goodness, how frightening! i'm glad they both made it home safely and pray with you that he comes to this same conclusion you suggest.

Michael said...

Your husband is a selfish dickhead.

cathy said...

I can't getover the shock.

Michael said...

And furthermore, after hearing your husband's solution to the problem was "we need to buy him a cell phone", I'll be happy to send over a dime so your husband can buy hinself a clue.

ALternatively I'll fly over there and let him know how I feel in person. A good cockpunch should do the job.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Most frightening! And he and you all are now in my prayers.

barefoot_mistress said...

Hi Cathy! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
55 Flash Fiction: Write a story in exactly 55 words, with at least one character ....
those are the only rules..but sometimes I use a photo to inspire me, or sometimes I find the photo after the writing.
We used to play every Friday but now it's sorta loose because we all are so busy! Hope you will join us.

ann said...

Oh Cathy... thank G-d all's well that ends well. I know exactly how you feel; been there myself with my middle one. I hope your dear father-in-law gets well, but sadly that is par for the course.

Maria is stunning... I think she looks like a darker version of you

hope you and yours are all good now

lotsa luv ann xxxx

cathy said...

There are so many typos in this post but I was still pretty upset when I wrote it.
Thankyou all for your concerned comments,we are all fine but Maria is spending more time than usual close by my side.
I think we both feel the need for some special contact at the moment.